You just booked your summer holiday? Your beach bag is like your holiday handbag and it should contain everything you’ll need for a day out in the sun.
Here’s my essential check list of all the bits you will need when you’re lounging on the beach on that much-needed holiday.

1. Music
Summer sun, wind blowing through your hair and your’re listening to your favourite song. It could not be better…Also, music sounds better when it’s warm. Beyoncé, Kanye, remixes from Kygo or Sam Smith. I love them all…

2. Beach towel

3. Suncreen

4. A flattering bikini or swimsuit

5. Beach shoes

6. A jaunty hat

7. sunglasses

8. A good book or magazine

9. A bottle of water, champagne…anything that hydrates.

10. A beach bag, which contains 1-9! The beach bag should be big enough to carry everything from your towel to something to drink. Also, get one with a zippered pocket for your keys and money and nothing will get lost or sandy.

What’s on your beach packing list?