Daisy Green is a small Aussie company, focused on artisan coffee, fresh healthy food and gourmet frozen yogurt and not to forget street Art! They believe in experimental home cooking and make most of the products in house using locally sourced products, organic wherever possible.

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You have to try the coffee there! It was a very humid day and we decided to get an iced latte.

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…and a fresh summer salad with quinoa, avocado, sunblushed tomatoes, samphire, cucumber and a poached egg.

The Aussie brunch menue is fanatastic. Banana bread, quinoa porridge or poached eggs served with sausages, bacon, beans and avocado. Hungry now?

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Colourful paper lanterns and deck chairs… I think the decor is very artistic and cute with a great attention to details.

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No doubt and it’s a great little stop off point for brunch, a snack or just a coffee.

Daisy Green
20 Seymour Street
(Cnr New Quebec Street)
London W1H 7HX