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I will go to Spain mid July for a week and I started my swimwear shopping quite early. I tend to buy bikinis early and never wear them in the end. However, this year I bought a one-piece as well even if I won’t wear it for tanning. Haha! But when/if we go to beach clubs as it might look nice with some shorts and a kimono beach cover above. You may prefer the beach to the pool, or surfing the waves to lounging in the sun, but there’s one thing we can all agree on: shopping for new swimwear is downright intimidating!!! How to pick the right bathing suit is one of life’s (for most of the girls) most vexing sartorial dilemmas.
If you’re top-heavy, got curves, or have an hourglass shape, pear-shape or a boyish figure…
An one-piece is nearly flattering on all body types.

Dive in and start shopping!